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You can take to build the best business strategies and execute them

Senior Business Consulting Overview

  • We can help you successfully launch a senior business startup or transform your business!

    We provide consulting for individuals, companies, institutions and local governments to discover and solve problems in new businesses such as starting a senior business, launching a new business, introducing a program or converting an existing business to digital. We can also help you diagnose existing businesses, discover problems, develop countermeasures and explore strategic opportunities.

  • • Purpose:

  • Unlike other businesses, the nature of senior business requires considerable strategy and know-how. we offer high-quality consulting opportunities by experts with considerable field experience to those who are troubled by high consulting costs and those in need of high-level consulting.

  • • Consulting Features:

  • - You can receive 1:1 advice from consultants (scholars in this field, R&D developers, entrepreneurs, etc.).

      * In particular, we support receiving advice from overseas experts if necessary.

      * If necessary, we select multiple consultants to assist you in solving various problems at once.

    - Advice based on a business plan summary (form provided) prepared by the client.

      * For clarity, as well as for the quality of advice, present a framework to check the client's business.

    - It covers all areas of senior businesses.

    - We provide consulting to enhance the realism of products and services displayed at the event exhibition hall.

  • • Consulting Scope:

  • - New business (model) development and validation advice

    - Advice on response to existing business (model) diagnosis, problem discovery and problem solving

    - Advice on product, price, promotion, distribution, etc.

    - Advice on market segmentation, market analysis, competition analysis, product service analysis, etc.

    - Advice on target selection, marketing strategy, distribution strategy, etc.

  • • Consulting Process:

  • - Application for consulting request

    - Confirmation and progress guidance by phone to the client

    - Provide a business plan summary form and take a course on how to fill it out (online)

    - Submission of business plan summary

    - Suggestion and selection of consultant matching

    - 1st 1:1 consulting

    - Closing or modifying and submitting the business plan

    - 2nd 1:1 consulting

    - Closing or modifying and submitting the business plan

    - 3rd 1:1 consulting

    - End of consultation

Senior Business Consulting

Register for Senior Business Consulting

    • • Consulting Date:

    • - Venue Consulting: October 22 - 26, 2022

      - Regular Consulting: From May 1st to December 20, 2022

    • • Consulting location:

    • - Venue Consulting: EXCO (World Congress Venue)

      - Regular consulting: A place agreed by the consultant and the client, online consultation (Zoom) available

    • • Consultation Request:

    • Available from May

    • • Consulting Fees:

    • - Domestic experts 300,000 won to 1 million won

      - Overseas experts 500,000 won to 1.5 million won (English)

      - 30% discount for ISG 2022 registrants

      - 20% discount for IGEF 2022 registrants

      - 30% discount for members of the Silver Industry Expert Forum

      - Deposit at the start of consulting

        *Only one discount is applied (cumulative discount does not apply)

Senior Business Consulting Pool

Register as a Consultant

  • The current consultant pull is 20. In order to respond to a variety of needs, we are looking for additional people with industry experience and direct business experience. We welcome those who wish to contribute to revitalizing senior businesses and nurturing startups.

  • • Consultant Qualifications:

  • - Experience: More than 10 years of experience

    - Field: Business, R&D, marketing, distribution and logistics, standard certification, start-ups, etc.

  • • Consultant Benefits:

  • - We provide a significant percentage of consulting fees.

    - We post photos and career information on the consultant pool page.

    - For those who have sufficient experience but have not done consulting, we provide a small amount of training.

    - We provide a set framework for clear value exchange between clients and consultants.

    - Consulting management and mediation are provided by the Silver Industry Expert Forum.

  • • Procedure:

  • - Apply for registration

    - Check your resume

    - Interview (online - Zoom). Q&A on major consulting issues in the relevant field during interview

    - Consultant activity contract

    - Enroll in the consultant pool

    - 1:1 matching with clients (client selection followed by consultant approval)

    - Conduct consulting

    - Confirmation of consulting results

    - Payment of consulting fee

  • • Registration Period:

  • May 15 - July 31, 2022

  • • Registration Form:

  • Google registration form