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GT Mentoring

6th International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum

GT Education and Training Information

Meet a senior business or research mentor.

Senior Business Mentoring Overview

  • You can learn new things, build your networks and grow as professionals.

    We provide business know-how such as start-up, business conversion, product development, marketing and distribution logistics using core technologies of senior businesses and Gerontechnology. This is a program where you can get insights from prior experiences of domestic and foreign managers, researchers and workers.

  • • Mentoring Features:

  • - Mentoring is conducted 1:1 by matching mentors (scholars, R&D developers, entrepreneurs, etc.).

      * In particular, we support receiving mentoring from overseas experts if necessary.

    - Talk about prior experiences with questions from the mentee (client).

    - It is aimed at all fields of senior businesses.

    - We provide mentoring to enhance the realism of products and services displayed at the event exhibition hall.

  • • Mentoring Scope:

  • - Entrepreneurship and corporate growth

    - Product service launch and market development

    - Transformation and adaptation of existing businesses

    - Adaptation to changes in the market and technological environment

    - Other contents the mentee wants

  • • Mentoring Process:

  • - Request for mentorship

    - Call the client (mentee) to confirm and inform them of the progress

    - Mentor matching presentation and selection

    - 1st 1:1 mentoring

    - End of mentoring or secondary mentor matching

    - 2nd 1:1 mentoring

    - End of mentoring or third mentor matching

    - 3rd 1:1 consulting

    - End of mentoring

Senior Business Insights from Previous Experiences!

Register for Senior Business Mentoring

  • • Mentoring Date:

  • - Venue Mentoring: During October 22-26, 2022

    - Regular Mentoring: From May 1 to December 20, 2022

  • • Mentoring Locations:

  • - Venue Mentoring: EXCO (World Competition Venue)

    - Regular Mentoring: A place agreed upon by the mentor and mentee, available online (Zoom)

  • • Application for Mentoring:

  • Available from May

  • • Mentoring Fees:

  • - Korean experts 100,000 to 300,000 won

    - Overseas experts 300 USD to 600 USD (English)

    - 30% discount for ISG 2022 registrants

    - 20% discount for IGEF 2022 registrants

    - 30% discount for members of the KAPASS

    - Deposit at the start of mentoring

      * Only one discount is applied (cumulative discount does not apply)

  • • Registration Form:

  • Google registration form

Senior Business Mentoring Pool

Register as a Mentor

  • In order to respond to a variety of needs, we are looking for additional people with direct business experience. We welcome those who wish to contribute to revitalizing senior businesses.

  • • Mentor Qualifications:

  • - Experience: More than 5 years of experience

    - Field: business, R&D, marketing, distribution and logistics, standard certification, start-up, etc.

  • • Mentor Benefits:

  • - Mentoring fee will be paid at a significant rate.

    - We post photos and career information on the mentor pool page.

    - Mentoring management and mediation are provided by the Silver Industry Expert Forum.

  • • Procedure:

  • - Apply for registration

    - Check your resume

    - Interview (online - Zoom). Conducting interview on major mentoring issues in the relevant field

    - Mentor activity contract

    - Enroll in the mentor pool

    - 1:1 matching with mentee (mentee selection followed by mentor approval)

    - Conduct mentoring

    - Confirmation of mentoring results

    - Payment of mentoring fee

  • •Registration Period:

  • May 15 - July 31, 2022

  • • Registration Form:

  • Google registration form