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Senior YouTuber

6th International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum

GT & Active Senior Event Information

Creating value for an aging society!

2nd Active Senior YouTuber Contest 2022 Overview

  • YouTuber Contest with 100-year-old active seniors

    We discover senior YouTubers who create content in response to the aging society, improving their quality of life. We then select and award excellent YouTubers through a thorough evaluation. The selected YouTubers are posted and announced on the IGEF webpage.

  • • Contest Purpose:

  • - To revitalize and recognize YouTubers who make the aging society valuable

    - To discover YouTubers creating content for seniors

    - To improve promotion of senior YouTuber activities and contents related to the aging society and seniors

    - To cultivate high-quality YouTube content and creators related to active seniors in response to the changing media environment

  • • Contest Goals:

  • - To discover the top 100 active senior YouTubers

    - To share success stories of active senior YouTubers

    - To promote senior YouTubers

    - To provide opportunities for mutual development by connecting senior YouTube creators with excellent Gerontechnologies

  • • Prizes:

  • - Grand Prize (1 person): Silver Industry Expert Forum Chairman's Award, Prize, Gift (500,000 won)

    - Grand Prize (2 people): Maeil Economic Daily TV Representative Award, Prize, Gift (300,000 won)

    - Excellence Award (2 people): Seoul 50+ Foundation Representative Award, Prize, Gift (200,000 won)

    - Encouragement Award (2 persons): Gangnam University Silver Industry Research Institute Director's Award, Prize, Gift (100,000 won)

    - Participation Award (all participants): Certificate of participation and gift

      * Award details may be added depending on sponsorship.

  • • Winner Privileges:

  • - All applicants: Operation of a public relations center on Youtube on the Silver Industry Forum website (1 year)

    - Active Senior YouTube screening online event: held during December 2022

    - Grand Prize Winners: Appear in Maeil Business News TV [Baekse Talk Talk TV]

    - Grand Prize, Excellence Prize, and Encouragement Prize Winners: Transportation expenses to participate in the 13th Gerontechnology World Congress

      * Prize details are subject to change depending on operating conditions.

  • • Hosted by:

  • Silver Industry Expert Forum

  • • Sponsored by:

  • Maeil Business TV, Gangnam University Silver Industry Research Institute, Seoul 50+ Foundation

  • Result of 2021 Active Senior YouTuber Contest

    Despite the short recruitment period for the first contest, a total of 48 people participated in the active senior YouTuber competition in 2021. 1 team: 'Goadal TV' won the grand prize, 2 teams: 'Red Gloves Docent' and 'Chunjae TV' won the grand prize and 2 teams: 'Today's bite' and 'Economic talk show' won the Excellence prize.

How to Participate

Guide of Active Senior Youtuber Contest

  • • Eligibility:

  • Any Senior YouTuber who creates content related to seniors (over 40 years old)

  • • Recruitment Period:

  • May 1, 2022 – September 9

  • • How to Apply:

  • Google Form Submission

  • • Submissions:

  • - Introduction of the YouTuber, such as YouTube channel name, address, and channel plan intention

    - 3 videos that best represent their channel

  • • Announcement of Successful Candidates:

  • October 3, 2022 at 15:00

  • • Judging Method:

  • - Evaluation by the judges (70%): 10 people including scholars, journalists, YouTubers and seniors

    - Participant Rating (30%): Online Senior Viewers

      * Additional notices will be made if the judging method changes.

  • • Judging Criteria:

  • - Creation of values for the aging society (culture, lifestyle innovation, etc.)

      * Additional notices will be made if the judging criterias are changed.

  • • Awards:

  • - Date: October 24, 2022, 1:30 PM

    - Venue: Daegu EXCO

      * The above schedule is subject to change depending on the circumstances of the organizer

  • • Registration:

  • Download the application form (Application begins in July)