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Senior Business Policy

6th International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum

International Gerontechnology Forum(IGEF FORUM)

Business, R&D Forum

Aging-friendly Industry Policy, R&D Forum Overview

  • We invite you to discuss the current status and direction of the Aging-friendly industry policy in Korea.

    Korea is the only country that has enacted the Age-Friendly Industry Promotion Act and is making efforts to develop related businesses. In Korea, a country with an aging society, we provide opportunities to find out what policies the new government is implementing, listen to opinions from each field and reflect them in policies.

  • • Forum’s Purpose:

  • - Sharing policies and R&D directions of each department.

    - Providing information to respond to corporate policies and R&D.

    - Discussion for integrated policy and R&D.

    - Providing insights to each country through global sharing of domestic policies and R&D.

    - Listening to the opinions of overseas experts.

  • • Speaking:

  • - Announced by the person in charge of each department.

    - Public-private-academic research expert panel discussion.


Organizing Forum Sessions

  • • Policy Forum:

  • - The Ministry of Health and Welfare's Aging-Friendly Industry Policy

    - Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's Aging-Friendly Industry Policy

    - Aging-friendly Industry Policy of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

    - The Ministry of Science and ICT's Policy on Aging-Friendly Industries

    - Panel discussion (2 domestic and 2 overseas)

  • • R&D Forum:

  • - R&D status and direction of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

    - R&D status and direction of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

    - R&D status and direction of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

    - Current status and direction of all ministries R&D.

    - Panel discussion (2 domestic, 2 overseas).

  • • Participation:

  • Check detailed program and apply for participation in May