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GT Evaluation

6th International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum

Gerontech (GT) Showcase & Evaluation Meeting Information

Gerontechnology Evaluation

Gerontechnology Evaluation Overview

  • Evaluation of Gerontechnology products/services by consumers

    This is a program where consumers (local governments, institutions, users, etc.) gather to evaluate and discuss the top 100 Gerontechnology exhibited products and services. 350 local government officials, senior welfare centers, senior citizens, etc. are invited to hold an evaluation meeting tailored to each feature.

  • • Purpose:

  • It provides opportunities to view, experience and analyze Gerontech products and services that local governments, elderly facilities and seniors want to see, as well as pilot projects for products and services that invigorate the lives of seniors and have the ability to create demand. In addition, we will disclose the evaluation results of consumers so that they can be used as a reference for related development.

  • • To be Evaluated:

  • - Products and services registered in the top 100 Gerontechnologies.

    - Products and services requested by the evaluation team.

  • • Assessment Methods:

  • - GT trend lecture to the evaluation team.

    - Describe the product or service to the evaluation team and answer questions.

    - View and experience the products or services on display.

    - Evaluation.

    - Submission of evaluation points.

  • • Procedure:

  • - Creation of the evaluation team.

    - Application as an evaluator.

    - Investigate products/services that the evaluation team wants to see - Service survey.

    - Evaluation product/service selection.

    - Evaluation in progress.

Gerontechnology Evaluation Member

Registration to become an evaluation member

  • • Evaluators:

  • - Local government evaluation team members

    - Public institution, senior facility evaluation team members

    - Elderly medical institution evaluation team members

    - Senior consumer evaluation team members

    - Other self-organized evaluation team members

  • • Judges:

  • Those who can act as evaluators in the previously mentioned evaluation teams can apply. In this case, you must belong to the relevant evaluation team.

  • • Registration Period:

  • April 20 - August 31, 2022

  • • Application:

  • Download the application form (application available in august)