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Age-Friendly DX City Forum

6th International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum

International Gerontechnology Forum(IGEF FORUM)

International Forum

2022 Age-friendly Digital Transformation City Forum

  • Forum’s Purpose:

  • This forum is here to create an egalitarian society by effectively and efficiently providing digital benefits to the elderly by sharing examples of digital transformation (DX) that each city uses as a solution to the aging society problem. Discussing such problems is a vital part of the forum. In addition, we want to form a global city network and hold an annual forum to cooperate with each other in order to enrich the lives of seniors through the development of senior DX cities.

  • Date:

  • October 25th, 2022 (Tuesday) 13:00 – 18:00 (KST, UTC+09:00)

  • Venue:

  • Room 325, EXCO, Daegu, South Korea

  • Topic:

  • The Present and Future of Smart Life, Care and Community

Session Organization


  • 13:00-13:10

  • Opening

  • Opening remarks

  • Woo-joung Shim

    President, KAPASS

  • Congratulatory remarks

  • Helianthe Kort

    President, ISG

  • Jo Sang-mi

    Director, Central Social Service Agency

  • 13:10-14:20

  • Session 1 : Status and Cases of Age-Friendly Digital Transformation (DX) Cities

  • Moderator:

  • Soondool Chung, Ph.D.


    Ewha International Society of Gerontechnology

  • Presentation 1:

  • Current Status and Implications of Age-Friendly DX Cities in North America

    Gloria M. Gutman

    Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University

  • Presentation 2:

  • Data-driven long-term care in Europe

    Henk Herman Nap, Ph.D.

    Professor, TU/e

  • Presentation 3:

  • Case Study of Smart Care Communities in Japan

    Takeo OGAWA, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus, Kyushu University and Yamaguchi University

    Representative, Asian Aging Business Center

  • Presentation 4:

  • Caring Robot Business Expansion Plan of Jeollanamdo

    Beongrok Choi

    Head of Team, Jeollanamdo

  • 14:20-15:30

  • Session 2: Local Community and Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Moderator:

  • Donghee Han, Ph.D.


  • Presentation 1:

  • Can digital technology create win-win solutions for both the elderly and the workers?

    Anna Spånt Enbuske

    Research officer, Kommunal | Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union


  • Presentation 2:

  • Application of Smart Home Technology in Retirement community

    A. Patricia Aguilera Hermida, M.F.T., D.Ed.

    Associate Teaching Professor

    Penn State Harrisburg


  • Presentation 3:

  • Dementia Management Measures in the Community

    Lili Liu, Ph.D.

    Professor and Dean, University of Waterloo


  • 15:30-15:50

  • Coffee Break

  • 15:50-17:00

  • Session 3: Age-Friendly Digital Technologies for Life and Care

  • Moderator:

  • Soo wan Kim Ph.D.

    Professor, Gangnam University

  • Presentation 1:

  • Application of New Technology for Self-Care

    Heidi Anttila

    KATI Programme Coordinator Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, THL

    Kaisa Huuhtanen

    Special Advisor The VALLI Gerontechnology Centre, VALLI


  • Presentation 2:

  • Evidence-based Technologies to maintain independence and age in place in the continuum from normal aging to dementia

    Alexander Moreno Ph.D.

    Professor, University of Montreal


  • Presentation 3:

  • Assistive technologies and robotic systems in the healthcare sector – current status future requirements

    Klein, Barbara, Ph.D.

    Professor, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences


  • Presentation 4:

  • Digital assistive technology for empowerment.

    Katarina Baudin Ph.D.

    Researcher, Karolinska Institutet

  • 17:00-18:00

  • Session 4: International Cooperation for Building Age-friendly Digital Transformation (DX) Cities

  • Chair:

  • Yong-Ho Go, Ph.D.

    Researcher, Architecture & Urban Research Institute

  • Presentation 1:

  • Community ESG Leadership for Age-Friendly Digital Transformation (DX)

    Hyung-Jong Lee

    Korean ESG Association

  • Presentation 2:

  • Proposal to Hold an Age-Friendly Digital Transformation (DX) City Forum

    Woo-joung Shim, Ph.D.

    President, KAPASS

  • Discussants

  • Jeong-tae Kim

    Head of Team, Daejeon City

  • Hee Dae Kim, Ph.D.

    Senior adviser, Daegu Technopark Digital Transformation Agency

  • Yujin Kim, Ph.D.

    Professor, Kyungpook National University