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13th World Conference of Gerontechnology
October 24-26, 2022

Theme: Gerontechnology in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Welcome! 13th World Conference of Gerontechnology

Conference Invitation

  • Helianthe Kort, President of ISG

  • Yeoung-Ran Park, Chair of the ISG 2022 Organizing Committee(Vice President of ISG)

  • Woo-joung Shim, President of KAPASS

  • The ISG 2022 Conference Committee would like to invite you to the 13th World Conference of Gerontechnology to be held in Daegu, ON Korea. We are looking forward to hosting you in 2022 at the Exco.

    The ISG World Conference is held once every two years since 1991. It is the principal inter-disciplinary meeting for professionals working in gerontechnology. ISG 2022 is the 13th World Conference of Gerontechnology. It will be the stage for the gerontechnologists from all around the world to share the latest research developments and the vision for active and healthy aging under the theme of “Gerontechnology in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.” The KAPASS has been organizing IGEF since 2017. In 2022, IGEF will be held concurrently with the 2022 Active Seniors Expo hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City.

    The innovation brought by digital technology and artificial intelligence is changing our daily lives and providing new opportunities. The United Nations has selected “Digital Equity for All” as the theme for the International Day of the Older Persons in 2021. Now, in line with the remarkable achievements of digital technology in the 21st century, the world is entering an era where older people can live active and healthy life.

    ISG 2022 and IGEF 2022 will provide a platform for development of gerontechnology that responds to the issues of aging and contribute to creating happier and more prosperous life in a global village with a population of 7.9 billion. It will be a venue to share the latest R&D, market trends, and future visions of gerontechnology. Users, scholars, researchers, public officials, and business people in the field of gerontechnology from all over the world will attend.

    Daegu, the birthplace of Samsung Electronics, is the location of the Korea Intelligent Information Society Agency, Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency, Korea Brain Research Institute, Daegu Gyeongbuk Advanced Medical Industry Promotion Foundation and Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency. It has an ideal infrastructure for digital transformation in the era of centenarians. We plan to provide an enjoyable and fruitful opportunities by guiding all participants to the gerontechnology related industrial sites and to K-culture experiences.

    We look forward to your participation in the World Conference of gerontechnology to be held in Daegu in October 2022. Thank you.