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13th World Conference of Gerontechnology

Scientific Program

Sponsor’s first step. Historical City, Daegu. Cultural City, Seoul.

Korean Culture Tour

  • The Origin of Sponsor

    A historical and artistic journey to discover the roots of Sponsor

    This tour is to look into the historical footprint and cultural contribution of Sponsor

  • • Tour Includes:

  • An opportunity to observe and experience Daegu and Seoul, outside of EXCO. Rather than focusing on the economic performance of Sponsor, the tour will present the historical and cultural perspectives.

  • • Course Features:

  • High-quality culture and art along with historical tours that can only be experienced in Daegu and Seoul, Korea.

  • • Tour Itinerary:

  • October 22, 2022 (Saturday) to October 28, 2022 (Friday)

  • • Tour Cost:

  • TBA upon registration in July

Tour Course 1: historic tour

The Origin of Sponsor

  • • Date:

  • Tentative October 22, 2022 (Saturday) 19:00 – 20:00 and October 26, 2002(Tuesday) 10:30-11:30

  • • Tour Course:

  • It will be planed with Sponsor

Tour Course 2 : City Tour

Culture Experience

  • • Date:

  • Tentative October 26, 2022 (Thu) 13:00 ~ 17:00

  • • Course:

Tour Course 3 : City Tour


  • • Date:

  • Tentative October 26, 2022 (Thu) 13:00 ~ 17:00

  • • Course:

Tour Course 4: Art tour


  • The Leeum Museum of Art, located in Seoul, is a portmanteau of the surname “Lee,” the founder of Samsung Group, and “um” from the word museum. Following the footsteps of the founder of Samsung Group Lee, Byung-cheol, the Samsung Group Chairman Lee, Kun-hee, who had a deep passion for the arts, was a patron to many artists. Established in 2004, Leeum was designed by world’s leading architects Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel, and Rem Koolhaas. It is renowned as Korea’s leading private art museum with its high-quality collections and exhibitions.

  • • Date:

  • Tentative October 22, 2022 9:00 – 12:00

Tour Course 5: Making Korean Arts and Crafts

Korean Arts and Crafts Experience

  • Experiences

    You can learn how to draw Korean paintings by participating in a Korean traditional art class taught by the West National Museum. In addition, make your own unique fan, to cherish the beautiful memories of your trip to Korea.

  • • Date:

  • Tentative October 227, 2022 (Thu) 13:00 ~ 28 (Fri) 17:00

Field Rest Program

Singingbowl Therapy

  • Healing tour with Singing Ball held in a separate room at the conference site.

    Complete health of body, mind and consciousness with Tibet Singing Ball! Singing Ball Therapy is a peaceful and safe healing and meditation program tailored to the needs of modern people who are tired of body and mind in a rapidly changing society. It allows you to achieve harmony of mind and spirit.

  • • Date:

  • Tentative October 24, 2022 (Thu) 13:00 - October 28 (Fri) 17:00

  • • Program:

  • - Singing Ball Mantra Meditation

    - Individual Singing Ball Program: Relaxation Therapy

    - Singing Ball Group Program: Relaxation Therapy, Singing Ball Walking Meditation

  • • Organized by:

  • International Healing Singing Ball Association (ISHA)

  • • Application:

  • - Singing Ball Healing Application: Individual (1:1)