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How To Get To Daegu

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How to get to Daegu

  • Easy Access & Transport

    Daegu’s location in southeastern Korea conveniently places it at the center of Northeast Asia. The city offers excellent transport links to the rest of Korea as well as internationally.

    Incheon International Airport to Daegu

    Korea Express Train about 3 hours
    Limousine Bus 4 hours

    Gimhae International Airport to Daegu

    Limousine Bus 60 minutes (closed for a while)
    Korea Express Train about 2 hours

    Daegu International Airport

  • Incheon International Airport

    America: United States, Canada

    Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, France, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Finland

    Oceania: New Zealand, Australia

    Asia: Japan, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Qatar, Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia

    Africa: Ethiopia

  • Gimhae International Airport

    America: United States

    Europe: Finland, Russia

    Asia: Japan, China, Mongol, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia

  • Daegu International Airport

    Asia: Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam

    Europe: Russia (Standard: 2019)

    ※ Because of COVID-19, most of the connections were closed for a long time. But, recently we started to open the airport, it will operate properly soon. At the moment, China(Yeongil) is the only international flight.