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6th International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum

GT & Active Senior Event Information

TED in the United States, SEED in Korea

SEED Overview

  • The world's first senior Gerontech talk show project!

    SEED stands for “Seniors Enlighten Everyone’s Dream.” The first ever senior Gerontech talk show addressing pro-aging and technology that will inspire a SEED to grow by sharing life-long experiences, memories, and wisdom on technology.

  • • SEED's Purpose:

  • The long lifespan of humans is expected to be filled with technology that rivals the warmth of fellow humans. Topic raised by today’s technology is how it has harmonized with the elderlies and which ones should be companions for life.

  • • SEED’s Goal:

  • By showing seniors living locally and abroad who utilize various Gerontechnology, broaden the understanding of Gerontechnology and serve as a bridge for our society to move forward beyond anti-aging to pro-aging via discovered role models.

  • • SEED’s Speakers:

  • Seniors leading confident pro-aging life with Gerontechology.

Senior Stories to Inspire

Topic & Program

  • Topic: Technology That I Love

  • • Program:

  • - Gerontech performance

    - Announcement of the survey results of Gerontech trend analysis: “1000 senior members have answered”

    - Senior Gerontech lecture

  • • Date:

  • October 28, 2022 (Friday) 15:00-17:00

  • • Location:

  • EXCO (World Convention Venue)

  • • Registration:

  • Registration available starting from July

  • • Registration Fee:

  • ISG or IGEF Registration