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GT Exhibit

6th International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum

Gerontech (GT) Showcase & Evaluation Meeting Information

Gerontechnology Expo

GT Exhibition Overview

  • Exhibit your excellent products and services in the specially prepared "Gerontech Hall (GT Zone)"!

    We exhibit excellent products and services that improve the lives of seniors in an aging society. New Gerontechnology products and services are discovered and selected as the top 100 GTs. Through effective evaluation meetings, consumers, local governments, institutions, investors and companies can learn more about them. This supports businesses as well as allowing them to improve their products and services.

  • • Purpose of Exhibition:

  • To improve the quality of life of seniors and create a better aged society environment by exposing innovative products and services to users, families, academics, researchers and government officials.

  • • Goal of Exhibition:

  • A GT zone is built in the exhibition hall of the Active Senior Fair and a great variety of Gerontech products and services are displayed in more than 100 booths.

  • • Exhibition Benefits:

  • It provides an opportunity to participate in the evaluation meetings made up of consumers (local governments, institutions, users), investors and companies in need. It will be maintained until 2023 IGEF (International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum), and from then on, it will be posted on the top 100 Gerontechnologies page by year. In addition, we will continue to promote excellent products all over the world through Gerontechnology TV

  • Exhibition of GT products and services that innovate the lives of seniors

Innovative GT Exhibition

Gerontech Area Classification

  • Gerontech Zone

  • Gerontech Special Exhibition

  • You can take pride in participating in the special exhibition and significant synergy between participating companies is expected.

  • • Dementia & Care Zone:

  • We display products and services for dementia prevention, dementia treatment, emotional support, and dementia life support from around the world in one place.

  • • Conversational Robot Zone:

  • Conversational robots, artificial intelligence conversation engines and chatbots from around the world are gathered and exhibited in one place.

Gerontechnology Expo Registration

Register to Participate in the Exhibition

  • • Registration Period:

  • May 1, 2022 - Agust 31, 2022