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Senior Life DX City

6th International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum

International Gerontechnology Forum(IGEF FORUM)

International Forum

2022 “Aging friendly Digital Transformation City Forum” Overview

  • Aging friendly digital transformation city forum where cities around the world participate to discuss the digital transformation (DX) for seniors citizens

    It is a forum where cities around the world can annually participate as policy makers, policy executors and consumers of innovative Senior life DX technology

  • • Needs for a Forum:

  • Digital transformation (DX) is now a recognized paradigm that transforms the lives of seniors. Cities around the world need to consider digital technology as a response to an aging society in order to invigorate the lives of seniors. There is a need for a common place where world cities can study and tackle this issue together. To this end, we are organizing a network of cities around the world to promote digital transformation (DX).

  • • Forum’s Purpose:

  • This forum is here to create an egalitarian society by effectively and efficiently providing digital benefits to the elderly by sharing examples of digital transformation (DX) that each city uses as a solution to the aging society problem. Discussing such problems is a vital part of the forum. In addition, we want to form a global city network and hold an annual forum to cooperate with each other in order to enrich the lives of seniors through the development of senior DX cities.

  • • Forum’s Goal:

  • - Jointly respond to digital transformation (DX) as a solution for an aging society.

    - Sharing policy implementation cases to promote digital transformation.

    - Sharing cases of Gerontechnology for digital transformation.

    - Present digital transformation guidelines for seniors.

    - Promotion of digital transformation city standards & certifications.

  • • Forum’s Vision:

  • - Proposal of joint response for "Aging friendly Digital Transformation (DX)" in cities around the world in 2022.

      *Proposal of "Aging friendly Digital Transformation (DX) City Forum" to cities around the world.

    - Inauguration of the "Aged friendly Digital Transformation (DX) City Forum" in which cities around the world participate in 2023.

    - Settle a forum with 100 cities participating within 5 years

Gerontechnology Showcase Session


  • • Program:

  • - Presentation 1: Concept and implementation plan of Aging friendly digital transformation

    - Presentation 2: Case of Aging friendly Digital Transformation City (local government in Korea)

    - Presentation 3: Case of Aging friendly Digital Transformation City (Overseas Local Governments)

    - Presentation 4: Aging friendly Digital Transformation (DX) City Forum Proposal

    - Discussions

  • • Cities:

  • - Domestic cities

    - Overseas cities

  • • Participation:

  • Check detailed program and apply for participation in August