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TOP 100 Gerontechnology Firms

We discover Gerontechnology that leads the lives of seniors.

Gerontechnology, Gerontechnologist, Gerontechnology Institution Discovery Project!

100 Gerontechnology Institutions

2022 Top 100 Gerontechnology Institutions

  • Overview of Gerontechnology Institutions

    This includes for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, public institutions and governments that develop and supply products, services, facilities, and cities using Gerontechnology or implement welfare and policies.

  • Selecttion of the top 100 Gerontechnology Institutions

  • • Purpose of promotion:<

  • This is to raise the quality of life of seniors and create a better aging society environment by promoting the organizations that create or supply products and services that innovate the lives of seniors and set them as an example for others by continuing to innovate.

    • • Promotion goal:

    • We aim to discover 100 Gerontechnology institutions.

    • • Selection method:

    • During the ISG2022 event, the top 100 Gerontechnology institutions are selected by a committee made up of members of the global Gerontechnology Awards.

    • • Selection criteria:

    • We select organizations that contribute to Gerontechnology, response to an aging society, and life in old age by pioneering or continuously promoting supply, service, and policies.

    • • Outstanding Experts:

    • The ISG2022 Top 100 Gerontechnologist Selection Committee selects 3 organizations by category. Separate awards are given to the three organizations in each division. We present the certificate of excellent Gerontechnologist and disclose it to the world.

    • • Participant treatment:

    • Experts are disclosed on the top 100 Gerontechnologists excavation page. Products and services selected during the ISG2022 event will be disclosed on the website of the top 100 Grontechnologies in 2022 for one year, maintained until IGEF (International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum) in 2023, and from then on, they will be posted on the top 100 Gerontechnologies website by year thereafter. Post it.

    • • Disclosure:

    • Disclose only publicly available information of the institution.

    • • Registration Period:

    • Jun 05. 2022 ~ July 31. 2022

Classification of Grontechnology Area:

Areas of interest and contribution

  • Focusing on improving the quality of life for the elderly, it is a field that matches and implements the technical environment of the elderly's health, housing, means of transportation, communication, leisure, and daily life.

  • • Housing and daily living
    • Mobility and transport
    • Physical and mental health
    • Information and Communication
    • Work&social participation
    • Governance&social policy
    • Others

Gerontechnology Institution Classification:

Organization Type Classification

  • • Enterprise
    • School
    • Press
    • Organizations, associations
    • Medica, health and Welfare facilities
    • Public institutions
    • Municipalities
    • Nation
    • Etc.

Gerontechnology Institution Classification:

Contributing sector

  • • R&D
    • Production
    • Distribution
    • Service
    • Eeducation, training
    • Policy implementation
    • Etc.