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TOP 100 Gerontechnology Products & Services

We discover Gerontechnology that leads the lives of seniors.

Gerontechnology, Gerontechnologist, Gerontechnology Institutional Discovery Project!

100 Gerontechnologies

2022 Top 100 Gerontechnology

  • Overview of Gerontechnology

    Gerontechnology is defined as the design of technologies and environments that enable older people to live healthy, comfortable, safe and independent lives and participate in society (ISG, International Society of Gerontechnology). The word “Gerontechnology” is a combination of gerontology and science and technology. In other words, it has the purpose of designing various convergences of science and technology and humanities and creating a living environment so that life in old age can be healthy, safe, independent, and socially involved.

  • Selecttion of the top 100 Gerontechnology products and services

  • • Purpose of promotion:

  • This is to improve the quality of life of seniors and create a better aged society environment by exposing products and services that innovate the lives of seniors to users, families, academics, researchers, and government officials to discuss and develop them together.

    • • Promotion goal:

    • We aim to discover 1,000 products and services.
      Among them, 100 are selected as Gerontechnology that will innovate the lives of seniors.

    • • Selection method:

    • During the ISG2022 event, it is selected as one of the top 100 Gerontechnologies by a committee made up of members of the global Gerontechnology Selection Committee.

    • • Selection criteria:

    • We select products and services that are expected to play a role in aging prevention, compensation, care, and improvement of quality of life for seniors using technology.

    • • Good Gerontechnology:

    • ISG2022 Top 100 Gerontechnology Recommended Sites Visitors see and recommend excellent Gerontechnology (GT). The top 5 are selected by double voting. Among them, the final three by category are selected after evaluation by the Gerontechnology Selection Committee. Separate awards are given for three products and services in each category. We will give you a certificate of excellent Gerontechnology, and we will produce a video of the story related to product service and release it to the world."

    • • Participant hospitality:

    • After the registration application, the product and service information provided according to the prescribed form is disclosed on the top 100 Gerontechnologies discovery page. The products and services selected during the ISG2022 event will be disclosed on the website of the top 100 Gerontechnologies in 2022 for one year, maintained until the IGEF (International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum) in 2023, and then posted on the page of the top 100 Gerontechnologies by year thereafter.

    • • Disclosure:

    • Disclosure according to information disclosure standards. This includes information such as the field of product service, target, target audience, and degree of consideration/support, as well as supporting photos, videos, and manuals.

    • • Registration Period:

    • Jun. 05. 2022 ~ Jun. 30. 2022

Classification of Grontechnology Area:

Areas of interest and contribution

  • Focusing on improving the quality of life for the elderly, it is a field that matches and implements the technical environment of the elderly's health, housing, means of transportation, communication, leisure, and daily life.

  • • Housing and daily living
    • Mobility and transport
    • Physical and mental health
    • Information and Communication
    • Work&social participation
    • Governance&social policy
    • Others

Classification of Grontechnology Area:

Goal of products and services

  • • Anti-aging:

  • The Goal of prevention, such as delaying the aging that occurs with age.

  • • Compensation:

  • The Goal of compensating for the decline in function and activity caused by physical, psychological and social aging that occurs with age.

  • • Caring:

  • The Goal of care is to take care of life when it is difficult to live independently due to aging.

  • • Improving quality of life:

  • To improve the quality of life by enjoying leisure and cultural participation in a healthy way even in the state of aging.

Classification of Grontechnology Area:

Consumer Classification

  • • Independent:

  • No difficulties in all aspects of daily life.

  • • Semi-Independent:

  • Use of tools for some activities

  • • Semi-Dependen:

  • Moderate assist with some activities

  • • Dependent:

  • Full support for almost all activities of the whole process