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GT Showcase

6th International Gerontechnology Expo & Forum

Gerontech (GT) Showcase & Evaluation Meeting Information

Welcome to Gerontechnology Showcase

Gerontechnology Showcase Overview

  • A place to present Gerontech products and services and to discuss social and business values in depth!

    Unlike exhibitions, products and services are presented in the presentation room, and users, research developers and academics discuss their values. The value of Gerontechnology, which enables people at the aging stage to live a healthy, comfortable, safe, and independent life, is viewed from various perspectives. We promote products and services to the world, encourage their use, provide direction for consumer programs and policy development, and support new businesses.

  • GT that transforms the lives of seniors

  • • Purpose:

  • For a global Gerontechnology branding effect, the best Gerontechnology product services are selected. Then, users, research developers, academics and investors can discuss together to raise the level of the product. It also provides opportunities for buyer consultation. This will eventually solve the aging problems of seniors, such as living support, rehabilitation and care, and improve their quality of life.

  • • Goals:

  • Selection, presentation and discussion of 24 products & services

  • • Participation Treatment:

  • After registration, we will continue to promote the product or service according to the prescribed form. After the showcase, we will broadcast it on Gerontechnology TV. In addition, we will give you an opportunity to receive a discount for a GT zone exhibition booth, be selected as one of the top 100 Gerontechnologies and provide an opportunity to be evaluated at the evaluation meeting.

  • • Disclosure:

  • Disclosure according to information disclosure standards. This includes information such as the field of product service, target, target audience and degree of consideration/support, as well as supporting photos, videos and manuals.

Gerontechnology Showcase Session

Showcase Area Classification

Gerontechnology Showcase Registration

Application for Showcase

  • • Showcase Process:

  • Selected Gerontechnology products will be presented by focusing on the following points.

    1. Overview of products and services and how to use them.

    2. Functions and performance of products and services.

    3. Application and characteristics of Gerontechnology including age-friendly considerations.

    4. Benefits of seniors, social values, etc.

    5. Q&A and discussion after a 15-minute presentation.

  • • Date of Showcase:

  • October 24, 2022 (Thu) - October 26 (Fri)

  • • Registration Period:

  • Jun 05, 2022 - Agust 31, 2022